"Your light has brought you here, and I can’t wait to explore your healing journey, together."

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Heal With Kim is eager to connect with you and to share with you how exciting and transformational, healing journeys can be!

Please take a moment to reference some of Kim’s  latest participations in her communities and learn how she is fiercely forging ahead by re-inventing tired approaches of traditional healing practices.

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Ruth Isley

The strength in Kim’s journey is truly inspiring. She speaks from her heart and has the ability to connect with and shed light on a tough subject enabling others to identify and learn from her experience. Her captivating presentation left me with a feeling of strength.

Heather Walsh

"In 2017 I reached out to Kim after reading many of her posts on Facebook. Everything she posted made me cry - touching a part of me that needed attention. Kim listened. She gave me techniques to deal with the overwhelm, calm my mind and reflect on where I was, where I am and where I want to be. Even though we never physically met over the course of several months (our sessions were over the phone), her non-judgemental connection has helped me find a new sense of peace and I know I will reach out to her again on my journey."

Annalise Clarke

“Kim gives you the tools you need to become the best version of yourself!
Anxiety has always been a struggle for me and within the past year I had many life challenges to overcome. Throughout Kim’s sessions, over the year, I have developed a tailored ability to cope with my anxiety and depression. I also have achieved a personal peace & self-love, I never thought I could. I cannot say enough about the value and impact Kim has had on my life.”


Kim helped guide me to cope. I had terrible coping mechanisms. I now have understanding, clarity, peace and contentment, from a dark place of high anxiety, depression, perpetual fear, self loathing, guilt and shame. I felt comfortable and safe in Kim’s energy from the first appointment until now. She has helped me beyond my expectations, and continues too, and I will be forever grateful.

Anonymous from Bonnyville

Kim has showed me strategies how to deal with stressful situations and anxiety. She introduced me to methods and concepts that will improve my wellbeing. It is work in progress but in general my stress level is lower. I am looking forward to more sessions with Kim.

Nicole Ferbey

"I am immensely grateful to have participated in the workshop, The Balancing Act of Stress and Self Care with Kim Dechaine. As a facilitator, Kim reminds us to breathe and slow down in an often hectic paced life, adding humour and laughter for a positive learning experience."

Susan Mitchell

"Kim teaches practical self-care strategies and how to fit them into your day. Her engaging presentation style is warm and contains a nice balance of information, stories and opportunities to self-assess. I felt empowered and energized and would attend again for a refresher."

Tracy Koluk

Kim’s workshop “The Balancing Act of Stress and Self Care” was absolutely amazing! Kim is an excellent presenter who shared good strategies to help deal with stress and encourage self care. I am a yoga instructor so I really identified with her when she taught some of what we use in yoga, such as pranayama, mudras, mantras and meditation. She taught simple yet effective exercises and prompted us with questions to help us slow down our minds and listen to our intuition. I felt like I reconnected with myself and, with her guidance, came up with appropriate methods that I have implemented into my life to take care of myself. Thanks Kim!

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